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7 Tips for Decorating With Area Rugs

When decorating your living room, dining room, or bedroom, your choice of floor covering is very important. Adding rugs to any of these rooms can completely change its look. Rugs can add character and cohesion to the design scheme. Here are seven things to consider when you are deciding on a rug.

1. Anchor the Furniture
Rugs help avoid the "floating furniture" phenomenon. It visually anchors the furniture down and pulls it together to create a cozy sitting area. The rug should be slightly smaller than this area to allow traffic to flow on the outside without tripping over the rug. The front two legs of all chairs should be resting on the rug.

2. Designated Space
In rooms that are very large, rugs can help divide it into smaller sections. The furniture in a reading nook or eating area will be visually drawn together when they are linked with an area rug. Because it creates a feeling of being drawn in, area rugs can make the space feel more comfortable.

3. Functional
Placing a rug under a bed can give a comfortable landing rather than a cold floor. Some rugs are especially soft and perfect for bedrooms. These include viscose, jute, and cotton. Rugs also serve as a sound buffer.

4. Shape
The shape of your rug depends on what you want it to do and where it is going. If the rug is going under a table, consider the table's shape. Round tables often look best with round rugs. If your room is long and rectangular, consider a rug that matches that description. A round rug works well designating a small reading nook or desk area.

5. Lifestyle
When you are deciding on your floor covering, make sure you keep your lifestyle in mind. If you have kids or pets, you need something that can withstand some abuse. If you are going to be putting the rug in highly trafficked areas make sure you buy a quality rug in a dark color. Wool or synthetic material is best for stain resistance and heavy traffic.

6. Focal Point
Brightly colored rugs with fun patterns can become the focal point of the room. These rugs look great in rooms with neutral walls and furniture. An area rug can also play with other colors in the room. It can contain a bit of the accent color without becoming a second focal point. This helps add cohesion to the design scheme.

7. Layering
Layering rugs is becoming very popular. Use a large neutral rug with a brightly colored or pattered rug on top. If the bottom rug is big enough, several small rugs can be used on top to designate different spaces throughout the room. Rugs with similar borders can be arranged in a quilt-like pattern. This technique is very popular with the boho style.

Rugs can inexpensively create the mood and draw the design together. They can work in the background or center stage. Consider these seven things when adding a rug to your living room, bedroom, or dining room. It will instantly give your room a brand new look.

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